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List Form Manipulation Framework (LFMF) help

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Installation instructions

The solution is a sandboxed solution that follows the typicall sandboxed solution installation rules. Therefore, it can be used for on-premise and Office 365 in the same way. You can find the installation and verification instructions here:

Usage Examples


What is the aim of this project?
When creating SharePoint 2010 applications you very often need to modify the list forms either with Infopath or by Javascript. In some cases the Javascript method is less invasive. Nevertheless, you have always to add on your list forms the Javascript code. Therefore, I was thinking about a solution that allows you to add Javascript code centrally (without touching the list forms). In addition, the aim of the project is also to have:
- a reusable framework that can be deployed by a feature on the desired site collection
- a framework that also works for sandboxed solutions (could therefore be also interesting for Office 365)
- the ability to create business logic based on JavaScript on your List Forms
- the automatic registration of the JQuery plugin on every page of your site

What are the supported SharePoint versions?
This sandboxed solution works for SharePoint Foundation 2010, SharePoint Server 2010 (Standard and Enterprise), and Office 365

I already use the jQuery library on my SharePoint sites. Is that a problem?
No, not at all. This solution adds a feature with the jQuery module. If you already use a jQuery module, then simply go to the site collection features and deactivate the "LFMF Core – jQuery Module". If you do not already use jQuery, then do not deactivate this feature because it is required by the project.

I do not find the source code of this project under downloads! How do I open the project in Visual Studio 2010?
Currently, there is no need to add the source code directly under the downloads section. Nevertheless, you can import the wsp file as a Visual Studio 2010 Project by following these steps:
- File -> New -> Project
- Import SharePoint Solution Package
- Choose the wsp file

Note: the SharePoint tools must be installed

Which fields are supported now by the framework?
The library is still work in progress.
Currently following column types are supported:
  • Single line of text
  • Multiple lines of text
  • Number
  • Choice
  • Currency
  • Yes/no
  • Hyperlink
  • Picture
  • Lookup
  • Date Time
  • Managed Metadata

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